Day: 2015.02.18

A Question: Do Bugs Have Toes?

Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 19 February 2015.You’ll notice nobody ever stages an intervention about blogging Bug Martini.

I keep thinking, “Well, maybe this little frame isn’t worth it”, because, you know, not every strip can be truly priceless comedy. And, you know, it’s not always the script that’s important. I mean, look, it’s a bug picking up his underwear with his toes. Certes, that must count for something. To the other, though, why not keep doing it? Adam hasn’t asked me to stop, or sent any lawyers or other hired goons in my direction.

And besides, of those few clicks I get here each day (and thank you all for stopping by), it usually works out that a couple end up heading to Adam’s for a comedic drink.

No, that would be a bottom shelf pun if I did that. Actually, not even a pun. Or maybe it is. That’s right, I have a poll function I can use; if you’re the praying type, include the petition that I never bother testing it out, else I’ll be trying to poll about everything. You know: String bikini or thong? What if it’s on a dude?

Er … right.

You know what I mean.

Never mind.

Hey, look, a bug picking up his skivvies with his toes!

(Do bugs have toes?)


Huber, Adam. “Toe the Line”. Bug Martini. 19 February 2015.

An Angel Giving You the Finger, and Other Notes


“Garterbelt, you keep slappin’ my butt around. Answer line: Freaky girl coming your way.”

TeddyLoin featuring Debra Zeer

You know, some days you just don’t feel like you’re in the groove, so you end up saying, “Here’s a list, read this.”


Here’s a list. Read this.

• Sally Kohn on “How the GOP Invented Elizabeth Warren”. (The Daily Beast)

• If you ever wondered how long Chris Christie would remain in consideration as a serious GOP presidential contender, Perry Bacon, Jr., explains how “Christie Faces Growing Doubts Within GOP About his 2016 Campaign”. (NBC News)

• Amanda Terkel notes that “Apple Breaks Ties With Anti-Gay Alabama Lobbyist”, which seems almost inevitable, when you think about it. (Huffington Post)

• Shaun King reports on the Lone Star Republic values after “Texas students flash ‘White Power’ signs at rival team, may have defecated on rival team bus”. (Daily Kos)

• Conservative family values advocacy takes another hit “MO’s Country Club Committee Meeting Goes Wrong for Republicans, Get Caught on Camera talking Choice”, and we know that one doesn’t work out quite right as a sentence; deal with it. (Daily Kos)

• And speaking of things that don’t work out quite right, Caitlin Dewey explains why “Pinterest deleted Rand Paul’s sexist and unfunny Hillary Clinton ‘parody'”. (Washington Post)

And now, Anarchy, just because: