Adam’s Panty Bug

Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 13 August 2015.Sometimes the idea of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is self-imposed. And among those occasions are some such that we needn’t wonder why. Nor should that be taken judgementally; I would no more notice the panties on Adam’s head than his girlfriend’s latest haircut. It’s just, you know, sometimes you wake up in the wrong place to be wearing someone else’s panties on your head, and, yeah, I suppose that can be embarrassing. To the other, though, this is one of those circumstances for which I have exactly no advice.


Huber, Adam. “Got My Mind on My Undies and My Undies On My Mind”. Bug Martini. 13 August 2015.

A Question: Do Bugs Have Toes?

Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 19 February 2015.You’ll notice nobody ever stages an intervention about blogging Bug Martini.

I keep thinking, “Well, maybe this little frame isn’t worth it”, because, you know, not every strip can be truly priceless comedy. And, you know, it’s not always the script that’s important. I mean, look, it’s a bug picking up his underwear with his toes. Certes, that must count for something. To the other, though, why not keep doing it? Adam hasn’t asked me to stop, or sent any lawyers or other hired goons in my direction.

And besides, of those few clicks I get here each day (and thank you all for stopping by), it usually works out that a couple end up heading to Adam’s for a comedic drink.

No, that would be a bottom shelf pun if I did that. Actually, not even a pun. Or maybe it is. That’s right, I have a poll function I can use; if you’re the praying type, include the petition that I never bother testing it out, else I’ll be trying to poll about everything. You know: String bikini or thong? What if it’s on a dude?

Er … right.

You know what I mean.

Never mind.

Hey, look, a bug picking up his skivvies with his toes!

(Do bugs have toes?)


Huber, Adam. “Toe the Line”. Bug Martini. 19 February 2015.

Not Quite Unspeakable

Detail of 'Bug Martini', by Adam Huber, 10 February 2015.While it is true that Adam Huber has been on a roll, it is also true that I have already given away the punch line once tonight, which leaves me in the strange position of saying, “Well, yeah, it only goes downhill from there, but that’s kinda the point. And, hey, there’s a Ruth Buzzi joke in there!”

Or is that cheating, too?


Huber, Adam. “This Doofus has Not Been Rated”. Bug Martini. 10 February 2015.