Required Laughter

After some absolutely depressing required reading, is it fair to say this is required humor? After all, it’s something of a bitter laugh, but also very important.

Deutsch-20141009-detailFor those not acquainted with the cartoons of Barry Deutsch, now would be an excellent time to acquaint yourself.

Additionally, we might reflect on a certain phenomenon; there really is nothing about Deutsch’s villain in this one that strikes me as unusual. That is to say, for those who attempt to engage these issues, the only difference between the cartoon and all too frequent real occasions is the last panel, when the dude just comes right out and says it.

And, yeah, that part is a bit depressing. But you might as well print a copy to carry in your pocket. After all, if you’re the sort who discusses issues of rape culture, it won’t be long before you have an opportunity—and obligation—to pass it along to someone you know.


Deutsch, Barry. “Rape and Consent — Affirmative Consent Explained”. Ampersand. 9 October 2014.


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