Not Really Worth Your Time


Detail of video for "You Tell 'Em", by Zebra Katz x Leila

Two and a half not-quite random notes on blogging:

(1) While This Is has seen, in recent months, an apparent increase in readership, it is, as near as anyone can tell, all bots and spiders and whatever else. The pattern is clear, though: When posting daily, it is true the blog sees greater readership than, say, this time last year. Longer periods between posts can trigger a swell in readership; it really does appear some manner of Scooby-Snack behavioral econ, trying to get attention so someone will be encouraged to use the product more.

This Is weird: Top Searches for This Is, ca. 19 February 2018.(2) While this would seem to point back to WordPress and Automattic, neither can I explain the weird phenomenon about “Top Searches”. Then again, this has been going on longer than the increased reader statistics that never really do add up. Still, the constant inquiries about journalists are ridiculous.  

• It is true I do not have a detail of the one that caught my eye, sometime in 2016, inquiring if a certain journalist was trangender. The idea that it is a “top search” should not be surprising; it is easy for such inquiries to pass as insignificant when clicking on two blog posts that mention someone’s name is enough to log a “top search”. No, really, the idea that the blog should draw so many readers in a given week, or on a given day, especially when there is no new content, ought to be stupid. And it would be nice to understand more about the phenomenon, but the statistical data available is actually an impressive feat of uselessness. Meanwhile, the spam filters get such tremendous exerciseα that clearing the box compels an apologia screen because the process takes so long the network dropped the connection. And it is amid all this noise that someone, somewhere needs to know if a particular reporter is black or white, or another is transgender, or if any number of them are liberal, or what did some feminist website say about a comedian on RT; and this is as apparent as it seems, except the question why would seem to require unbelievably stupid answers.

Summary: #nevermind.


α Don’t get me started on the spambots; either Akismet is at war or WordPress is a proving ground. No, it can’t be that; the diced-up slices of lorem ipsum trying to look like fragments of hacked emails must have some other purpose.

Image note: Top — Detail of video for “You Tell ‘Em”, by Zebra Katz x Leila.  Right — Detail of “Top Searches” statistic for This Is, 19 February 2018.

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