Your Morning Metal (Male Supremacy)

Detail of cover art for 'Carnivore' by Carnivore, Roadrunner Records, 1985.

Look, this has always been hilarious more than anything else. I can actually give a nod to Tipper Gore herself for pointing the way to Carnivore, a band, as you might imagine, that horrified the moralists.

Carnivore, “Male Supremacy” (1985)

Before there was Type O Negative, the late Peter Steele founded and led Carnivore. One of the things we must, from our twenty-first century perspective, bear in mind is what was going on. That is to say, yes, of course this song is misogynistic as Hell; it is supposed to be.

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister once explained that the rough approach of heavy metal often had to do with simply getting people’s attention. They pay attention more if you cuss and say weird things. And there was always heavy shock value among this generation. King Diamond played up murderous demonic themes; Alice Cooper aimed to sicken and amaze before him. Thrash overflowed with punkish rebellion and offense. And Carnivore? This is one of those creations; the whole point seems to be about offending, because that’s kind of how things were done once upon a time. I mean, really.

And, yes. Carnivore was unique, even still.

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