Day: 2015.06.06

A Betrayal

Mitch McConnell

Yesterday, Steve Benen described what he sees as a “silent governing failure” of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Following a Huffington Post report that the Senate would, under his leadership, become even less productive and more intransigent about the federal judiciary, Mr. Benen reminded:

Now, some of you are probably thinking this is normal. President Obama’s second term is starting to wind down; the opposition party controls the Senate; so it stands to reason that the GOP majority would scrap plans to confirm qualified court nominees. Perhaps, the argument goes, McConnell is doing exactly what Democrats did when they had a similar opportunity.

It would be a credible argument if it were in any way true.


Your Weekend Mellow (Head Hunters)

Detail of album art for 'Head Hunters' by Herbie Hancock (Columbia Records, 1973)

Head Hunters will actually put your head at ease. Glass of wine, pour a pint, smoke a bowl, whatever. You know? Take some time for yourself.