The Eternal Question of Laughing or Crying

Detail of 'xkcd' #1726 by Randall Munroe, 28 August 2016.“I’m excited about the proposal to add a ‘brontosaurus’ emoji codepoint because it has the potential to bring together a half-dozen different groups of pedantic people into a single glorious internet argument.”

Randall Munroe


Image note: Detail of xkcd #1726 by Randall Munroe, 28 August 2016.

Napoleon, with an Octopus on His Head

Detail of 'xkcd' #1510, by Randall Munroe.It does occur to me that the harder I look around for an excuse to post a stick-figure drawing of Napoleon with an octopus on his head, the longer I forget one never actually needs an excuse to post a stick-figure drawing of Napoleon with an octopus on his head.

Courtesy the inimitable Randall Munroe and xkcd, your one-stop shop for stick-figure absurdity of all kinds.


Image note: Detail of xkcd #1510, by Randall Munroe, 9 April 2015.

How to Fall off Your Cloud

Detail of 'xkcd' #1506, by Randall Munroe, 31 March 2015.… Ayuh.

Then again, well, okay, you know how one of the fun things about xkcd is that Randall Munroe occasionally tries out new ways of presenting stick-figure cartoons? Yeah.

Two words: Two parts.

I know, I know. It seems like a little thing.


Munroe, Randall. xkcd #1506. 31 March 2015.

Not a Burning Question, But Still

Detail of 'xkcd' #1464, by Randall Munroe, 26 December 2014.Sometimes we might hesitate to ask the question because we do not really wish to know the answer.

And sometimes someone asks the question, anyway.

And I have a punch line, certes, ne’er to be spoken. Written. Whatever. You’re welcome.


Munroe, Randall. xkcd #1464. 26 December 2014.

Good Advice

Detail of 'xkcd #1459' by Randall Munroe.Most of us learn the hard way. Take it easy on yourself and heed the advice.

Oh, and, you know, one of these days, you’re going to need something out of your own damn Documents folder, so stop doing this to yourself, too.


Munroe, Randall. “Documents”. xkcd #1459. 11 December 2014.

Dangerous Cartooning

Detail of 'xkcd' (#1449) by Randall Munroe, 18 November 2014.

Jokes can be dangerous.

No, really, think of it this way: Sure, you just started with a harmless joke about the Slide Mountain Ocean, and a fine joke it is. But how long before they work intercontinental Red Rover into the Kansas high school science curriculum?

What? Six thousand years is a helluvalot less than four and a half billion.


Detail of xkcd #1449, by Randall Monroe, 18 November 2014.

What It Looks Like When Humor Fails

Or maybe I’m just missing something obvious. Someone, enlighten me, please.

xkcd — Steroids

I mean, some jokes don’t work because the response is obvious, and in this case the first thing to mind is so obvious that it verges on pedantic. So it’s likely I’m missing something.

But what, exactly, is it?
Nonetheless, many thanks to Randall Munroe, who shares his comics with the world for free, and allows others to distribute them—even if that practice results in occasional criticism. xkcd is an excellent comic, and well worth your time.