Tom Brady

Comic Relief (Facebook Feeley Mix)

Facebook trending widget, 13 May 2015, 19:55 PDT: "A.J. Feeley: Former NFL Quarterback Says Tom Brady Used Broken-In Balls in 2004 Game"A world without copy editors.

Or, rather, a world without copy editors who aren’t utterly demoralized for being reduced to redline spotters.

It doesn’t matter that they turned the greenlines off; greenlines don’t see Freudian ghosts everywhere.

Ah, Facebook!

And, you know, given that the company has unethically screwed with users before in the name of some twisted assertion of social science, we would not blame those who wonder if maybe this isn’t deliberate. You know, two really depressing notes, and then Feeley on Brady’s balls being broken-in.


Image note: Facebook trending widget, 13 May 2015, 19:55 PDT:

A. J. Feeley: Former NFL Quarterback Says Tom Brady Used Broken-In Balls in 2004 Game”

A Matter of Priorities

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama pose with the Jackie Robinson West All Stars Little Baseball League in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., Nov. 6, 2014. (YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images)

It is, of course, a tragically stupid tale:

Little League Baseball has stripped the U.S. championship from Chicago-based Jackie Robinson West and suspended its coach for violating a rule prohibiting the use of players who live outside the geographic area that the team represents, it was announced Wednesday.

Jackie Robinson West must vacate wins from the 2014 Little League Baseball International Tournament — including its Great Lakes Regional and United States championships.

The team’s manager, Darold Butler, has been suspended from Little League activity, and Illinois District 4 administrator Michael Kelly has been removed from his position.

The organization found that Jackie Robinson West used a falsified boundary map and that team officials met with neighboring Little League districts in Illinois to claim players and build what amounts to a superteam.

As a result, the United States championship has been awarded to Mountain Ridge Little League from Las Vegas.

“Quite honestly, we had to do this,” Little League International president and CEO Stephen D. Keener told ESPN on Wednesday. “We had no choice. We had to maintain the integrity of the Little League program. … As painful as this is, it’s a necessary outcome from what we finally have been able to confirm.

“The real troubling part of this is that we feel horribly for the kids who are involved with this. Certainly, no one should cast any blame, any aspersions on the children who participated on this team. To the best of our knowledge, they had no knowledge that they were doing anything wrong. They were just kids out playing baseball, which is the way it should be. They were celebrated for that by many, many organizations, many people. What we’re most concerned about today is that it’s going to be hard on these kids. And that’s the part that breaks your heart.”


People are, as you might imagine, furious. And they should be. Yet what is it about our society that so many people waste so much energy being furious about the wrong thing?