The Flaming Lips

Just a Bunch of Stuff on My Desktop (Madness Mix)

Too many punch lines. Too late for coffee.

Detail of illustration by Vishavjit Singh.Kansas gone mad (again).

The Flaming Lips gone mad (Miley Beatle Mix).

Minecraft madness.

A response to madness.

“Chipmunks Are Go!” by Madness.

Darrell Issa.

One of Those Things (Buggin’ Mix)

Detail of Adam Huber, "A Rude Forsakening". Bug Martini. 23 October 2014.With all due respect ....

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.α

• Detail of Adam Huber, “A Rude Forsakening”. Bug Martini. 23 October 2014.


α Speaking of things I just can’t resist at the moment, something about “Buggin'” goes here.