Taylor Jones - Betty Red White and BlueUm … I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Truth told, I think I’d rather not know. But, yes, Taylor Jones’ cartoon depicts venerable actress Betty White with a slice of cherry pie and a bottle of Viagra. Sleep well.

To the other, I did make a cursory attempt to figure it out, and came across only scary news, including what I think was a joke about Ms. White as a spokeswoman for a female version of Viagra. At least, I hope it was a joke. And that the blogger responsible gets some serious help. And that I can pretend that I didn’t just see last year’s SodaHead poll that put White up against Barbara Streisand and Nancy Pelosi as potential pink pill pushers.

Fear is my mother, my father, my God. I don’t have the courage. Or something like that.

The weenie is so good ....But can you really blame me? This journey has even led me to a quote of Betty White saying, “The weenie is so good ….”

Who’s going to rock me to sleep tonight?