Samantha Lachman

A Joke That Isn’t Funny

Inside New Orleans Planned Parenthood clinic. (Detail of photo by Bryan Tarnowski for The New York Times)

“It strikes me as extremely odd that you have a dermatologist, an audiologist, a dentist who are billing for family planning services.”

Judge John DeGravelles

And, yet, the hidden jewel is one you might overlook if you’re not careful. Molly Redden of Mother Jones tops His Honor, wondering the obvious: “They know vagina dentata is a myth, right?”

It’s a fair question, given the Louisiana proposal to do away with Planned Parenthood in the Pelican State and expect other providers to pick up the load.


An Example of the Problem

The Tennessee State Capitol building, 6 May 2012. (Photo: Andre Porter/ImagN)

They really don’t get it.


Well, that’s the really hard thing, right? Because it cannot simply be a characteristic of being Republican, can it?

But they really don’t get it.

There is a strain of thought infecting the American discourse in which a point makes sense in the context of all things being equal but is offered under circumstances in which all things are observably not equal.

Like a bigot calling for a Civil Rights analogy in hopes of rallying troops to the cause of discrimination, hatred, and oppression.

Or, if you will, Samantha Lachman’s lead for Huffington Post pretty much sums up the problem:

A Republican-led Tennessee legislative committee failed to extend funding Wednesday for the state’s Economic Council on Women, with some of the lawmakers asking why there isn’t a similar council for men.

No, seriously―be honest: Who needs this one explained?


Image note: The Tennessee State Capitol building, 6 May 2012. (Photo: Andre Porter/ImagN)

Lachman, Samantha. “Tennessee GOP On Economic Council For Women: But What About The Men?” The Huffington Post. 5 March 2015.