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A Brief Note on Misogyny (ReGrBl Pinup Edition)

Detail of illustration via ReGrBl, 17 March 2015.

Many thanks to the folks at ReGrBl; you have a fine story going on. I will not be continuing to follow it. Really, it’s the hateful regard for women that shows up to ruin pretty much any excuse for a holiday that does it. The pinup girl is a time-honored tradition, though not so ancient as the need to treat women as if their only purpose in the world is to sexually stimulate others.

And the thing is that while the actual ReGrBl story is fun, following along is starting to feel like taking part in a toxic community experience; it’s not something I enjoy being part of. And let me be clear, this isn’t some feeling that I might be taking part in something wrong; this is straightforward revulsion. I’ve tried cracking jokes in order to look past it, but no, in the end it isn’t a question of whether or not one is participating in someone else’s misogyny; rather, it is a question of how long one intends to turn a blind eye to bigotry.

Good luck. Thank you. Good-bye.


Image note: Detail of pinup girl illustration via ReGrBl, 17 March 2015.


Detail of illustration by Raf Salazar for ReGrBl, 14 February 2015.

We must apologize.

For reasons pertaining to and derived from the general sloth of any given weekend, as well as our general disdain toward Valentine’s Day, we missed a perfect opportunity to voice our solidarity with all the other wankers out there who don’t appreciate the annual reminder that we are defined according to who we are partnered with.

As such, we missed the opportunity to make a bad pun about respawning with Valerie.

Or to hum along with nostalgia:

I’ll tell you now, and I won’t tell you twice, where when and how I got some bad advice. I never thought I could handle a girl with guns. And let me tell you, you can bet that I’m not the only one.

Or, rather, just because someone gave us an excuse: Ladies and gentelemen, Tommy Shaw:


Salazar, Raf. “Happy Valentine’s Day”. ReGrBl. 14 December 2015.

Some Kind of Good News

'I have slain your champion. By law of the horde, you must now crown me your new king!' (Detail of 'ReGrBl', by Digo and Raf Salazar, 23 March 2008)

You know how it goes, right? To the one, the timing is way, way off. To the other, you’re not going to sit on something like this for that long because, well, you’ll forget. Or maybe write a post but set the posting date and time for way off in the future. Hey, there’s an idea. Or maybe it’s just easier to do it this way: Say hello to ReGrBl, by Digo and Raf Salazar.

Temptations, temptations. This is an older one, but how could we resist? Meanwhile, there is a current story going on, so let’s hope they can wave a magic wand and figure out how to miss the―

What’s that? Wrong story? Oh, right. Anyway, yeah.

C’mon. Don’t make me give away the plot. It’s just, you know, really, like, tempting, and really cool, and you know, you just gotta, gotta read it. You know?


(Hat tip, except I don’t wear a hat. Anyway, thank you M.T./MDC.)