A Typographical Error

Seahawks-2014-logoYou know, typos are what they are. We’ve all had a few, and occasionally they’re embarrassing. Ask Paarfi to offer his sentiments on two words.

Never mind.

At any rate, let us play a game. Can you spot the typo?

Following the Seahawks 24-14 win over the Eagles Sunday, Sherman sent his jersey to Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, Bleedinggreennation.com reports.

But rather than trash talk or an in-your-face attitude, Sherman sent the jersey and signature as a congratulatory sign of respect to McCoy, who broke the Eagles’ all-time single-season rushing record last year.

McCoy ran for 1,607 yards on 3013 carries in 2013, passing a record posted in 1979 by Eagles running back Wilbert Montgomery

The message on the back of the Sherman’s jersey read, “To Shady: Bro, congrats on the record! you have earned everything you have gotten. Have respect for you and your game.”

The thing is that it always takes that moment of silence between pulses in your chest before it clicks: Oh, just a typo. And every once in a while, the holy shit! moment is just astounding.

The article is credited to Q13 FOX News Staff, but that sort of only makes things worse. Just how many people either weren’t paying attention or have no idea how this sport works?

‘Tis true that we at This Is loathe local television news, but, frankly, this is a chuckle proving, on this occasion, that it was worth taking the Facebook clickbait.


Q13 FOX News Staff. “Congrats, Bro! Richard Sherman sends surprising message to Eagles’ McCoy”. Q13FOX.com. 10 December 2014.

The State of Modern Journalism

According to one Mark Higgins, Metro Editor for The Seattle Times, you’re only allowed to link to his newspaper’s stories if you are going to praise the newspaper.

If you find one of our stories that doesn’t agree with your obvious and stated bias, plse., don’t link to it.

That, at least, is according to Dominic Holden, of Seattle’s weekly The Stranger.

To the other, it should be noted that the part of the blog post Higgins is complaining about isn’t the part about one of his coworkers getting arrested for posting child pornography via Flickr.

In this case, it’s a more complicated kind of stupidity. See, Higgins is upset because Holden’s editorial outlook happens to differ from that of The Seattle Times, which in turn tries to pass off as news such thinly-veiled propaganda pieces—intended to bolster its own editorial outlook—as Lynn Thompson kindly provided.

In other words, if your editorial outlook disagrees with The Seattle Times, you need to leave that poor, defenseless, emotionally fragile newspaper alone.

(A note for Mr. Higgins: Look, man, everyone has their own editorial outlook. But one way to make people suspicious is for an alleged journalist—i.e., a newspaper’s Metro Editor—to complain about “obvious and stated bias”. After all, The Times has its own obvious and stated editorial bias, and has embarrassed itself before in pursuit of that bias. So, you know, dude, just chill out. Really. What is anyone supposed to think when you tell people who disagree with you to leave you alone?)