Midnight Music (Blk Diamond)

Detail of frame from music video, "Blk Diamond", by Zebra Katz and leila.  (dir. Elvar Gunnarsson, 2015)

“Black diamond loaded up under pressure ....”

Zebra Katz

Somewhere between awesome and, well, wait, what the fuck?α is Zebra Fucking Katz.

Just sayin’.

The song is “Blk Diamond”, by Zebra Katz and Leila. Elvar Gunnarsson directed the 2015 video.

Sleep well.


α See what I did, there? Or, you know, maybe don’t worry about it.

Image note: Detail of frame from music video, “Blk Diamond”, by Zebra Katz and Leila. (dir. Elvar Gunnarsson, 2015)

A Celebration of (Mary) Death

“Does not Eternity appear dreadful to you…I often get thinking of it and it seems so dark to me that I almost wish there was no Eternity. To think that we must forever live and never cease to be. It seems as if Death which all so dread because it launches us upon an unknown world would be a relief to so endless a state of existense.”

Emily Dickinson

Tarpley detail

Tarpley detail‘Tis the season, indeed, for that sort of morbidly delicious humor, and since I need to update the links, anyway, we might as well add the one and only Mary Death, drawn by Matt Tarpley.

And, you know, it’s also a fine time to remind that any Emily Dickinson poem, through the magic of meter and the flexibility of the English language, can be sung to the melody of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.

Mary Death logoWell, probably not every poem, as I know there is some debate over how many meters Dickinson actually used, but that’s a debate left for those who refuse to accept that Coleridge is simply the greatest poet in the English language. Or something like that. It is easy to ridicule Dickinson as the goth prototype, but more than any technical accomplishment, her chief merit seems to be the sort of baring of the soul that isn’t the in thing to do.

Emily DickinsonOf course, any joke can go too far, and the rule of thumb for Dickinson jokes is that you cross that boundary as soon as you try to make a Dickinson joke.

Anyway, yeah. Mary Death. Enjoy.