pet peeve

Pedantry in High Dudgeon

D City Rock: Detail of frame from "Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt", 'Help! We Are Angels', by TeddyLoin featuring Debra Zeer.

“In a press release Thursday, the committee accused the Pentagon of not being upfront about what it knew:”

Amanda Terkel

This is a pet peeve.

Look: “Upfront” is not a word.


A Note on Another Note That We Have Our Reasons For

"But I said I don't like sour stuff!" (Frame from 'FLCL' ep. 1, 'FLCL.)

It occasionally happens that I might find reasons to remind people of the Southern California Writer’s Conference, which gathers in San Diego and Irvine every year. LA13 (Irvine) is slated for 25-27 September, incidentally, but the schedule is as blank as we might expect right now.

But I mention this because once upon a time I tried blogging for SCWC, and still occasionally inflict my art upon them. Such as today, in consideration of what annoys copy editors, which, in turn, can be useful information if your ambition, habits, or labor include writing.

It’s worth your time … I hope. SCWC really are a great bunch, and all I can think right now is to wish fellow artists the best in their pursuits.

Be well. Create even better.


Image note: “But I said I don’t like sour stuff!” Yet Naota drinks the lemon-squash, anyway. (Frame from FLCL ep. 1, ‘FLCL’.)