A Note on an Abomination

"Governor Mike Pence Is an Abomination" ― Headline from Marc Leandro of The Huffington Post, 31 March 2015, in reference to the Indiana Republican signing into law a Religious Freedom Act intended to enshrine discrimination in state law.

There really is a reason for Marc Leandro’s headline, “Governor Mike Pence Is an Abomination”.

The situation in Indiana is upsetting for a lot of reasons. First among them is the overt discrimination against LGBT individuals the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act, as currently written, will protect under the law. And a close second is the utter venality displayed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

In the photograph taken of Pence at the bill’s private signing ceremony, he is surrounded by various religious figures, and some activists well known to the LGBT community in Indiana. Micah Clark, standing behind and to the left of the governor, has claimed publicly that homosexuality is a “disorder” that can be treated. Curt Smith, directly behind the governor, has equated gayness with bestiality and helped to write the bill the governor was signing. Eric Miller, to the right, was the man behind a flyer claiming falsely that if same-sex marriage was allowed in Indiana, religious figures might be imprisoned for preaching against homosexuality.

Again, this was a closed ceremony, and one has to presume that the governor had knowledge of who would be there. These are people that the governor is close to, who in at least one case helped to write the bill, and in two other cases have taken public stances against LGBT individuals. I take that back — publicly they might state that they love “the homosexuals” but hate their “sin”, a distinction as infuriating as it is dunderheaded.

This goes back at least a quarter of a century. Or, it was on already on fire when I arrived.


Laurelwood Workhorse IPA

Laurelwood Workhorse IPA labelAh, Laurelwood ….

Simply put, Workhorse IPA is one of the best there is. Hardly for the lightweight, this Portland brew packs a 7.5% ABV, and turns to Citra, Galaxy, El Dorado, and Columbus hops to rouse your soul from its weekday slumber. And while we might note a mix of Great Western 2 Row, Crystal, and Dextrin malts, let’s face it, Workhorse is for hopheads.

It is hardly a shocking mouthfeel; indeed, I would have more to say about the word mouthfeel itself. And, yes, there is a noticeable difference between bottle and tap, greater in the feel than the flavor. It’s a clean finish, too; refreshing, but not quite bracing.

Laurelwood Workhorse IPAAs baseball season draws nigh, one can sooner count the days of summer than run out of foods to accompany the beer that took home first place in the second annual National IPA Championships. Burgers, hot dogs, garlic fries, four kinds of fish, fried chicken, barbecued chicken, slow-cooked chicken, chili, pizza—who knows, maybe even breakfast with a bacon and brie.

To the other, those whose palates turn more toward lagers, weizens, and Belgians will be appalled.

Yeah. Hopheads. And this one goes on that list. Vasili Gletsos should be proud.


What? It’s a stupid word.

Really, Really Cool

Rob WyniaPortland does The Wall ….

Rob Wynia of Floater joins a whole bunch of Portland musicians whose names, frankly, I don’t know (a.k.a. Bricks of Portland), for an acoustic rendition of Pink Floyd’s classic, The Wall.

No, really, check it out. No review I might pen here can possibly do this performance justice. I only wish I’d been there for the show.