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What It Comes To (Bibi-Boehner Mix)

Detail of cartoon by Cameron Cardow (Ottowa Citizen) via Cagle Post, 22 January 2015.

Sometimes we pass on a story not simply for basic matters of will―Do I really want to do this now?―but also because we doubt ourselves in the moment. Never mind. A paragraph from Jodi Rudoren of The New York Times:

The invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress to make the case for new sanctions on Iran came from the House speaker, John A. Boehner, a Republican. Mr. Boehner did not consult either the Obama administration or his Democratic counterparts, something several veteran diplomats described as unprecedented. The White House responded with its own snub, announcing that President Obama, who has promised to veto any new sanctions, would not meet with Mr. Netanyahu while he was in town.

And that, in truth, is where we dropped the story last week, mostly not bothering with it because while this is a fascinating chapter in the continuing Republican denigration of the American political system, it really did seem the sort of obscure thing that would have our neighbors wondering where we got this stuff and why we bother with such minutiae.

To borrow from a great American statesmanα: Oops.


A Nutcracker Suite

Something about Easter eggs goes here. As setups go, Adam Huber offers a Santa sack full of nuttiness. But there are other baubles to feel around for and savor, as well.

Man, it's been a long time since I've had my testicles crushed.There’s the title.

And the punch line, though in retrospect it really does seem like it should have been predictable. Perhaps that is the difference between apropos and cliché.

Then again, Adam Sandler jokes will outlive Adam Sandler and not simply because the SNL nutsack must someday die. In addition to the benefit of being words that one can pass through history to future generations, Adam Sandler jokes also have the potential for being funny.

Never mind.

If nothing else, yeah. There’s the nostalgia, too.


Huber, Adam. “Two Balls, No Strikes”. Bug Martini. 20 October 2014.