A Musical Reaping (Blk Wiccan)

Zebra Fucking Katz: Detail of frame from music video for "Blk Wiccan", 2013, dir. Mara Zampariolo.

Uh-huh. That the word is sexy has nothing to do with anything right now.

Yeah, right.

I’m feeling you feeling me; how you feeling? We’re fine. I think it’s working, the potion is infiltrating our minds. The beat sets off into motion and then our bodies entwine; we lose control to commotion and then fall backwards in time. ZFK: Zebra Fucking Katz “I’m having visions, we’re tripping,” whispers the voice of the heathen; the night it thickens―black Wiccans, tick-tock, our heart skips a beat and you take a second to breathe in and then ourenergies deepen, and then we vibing, we creeping into the darkness we’re reaping: I love it when we do it like that, that; into the darkness we’re reaping. Yeah, when you shake it like that, that; into the darkness, we’re reaping. I love when we do it like that, that. Drop it on the floor and bring it right back. Spin around the world and twist it like that. Shake that ass and make the fat stack. I love it when you dirty, whine, whine, get on top and grind, grind. Do your thing, just take your time; do your thing just take your―your cent. Five cent, ten cent, dollar, cent. Five cent, ten cent, dollar, cent. Five cent, ten cent, dollar, cent. Go on, gone off, make me holler. Into the darkness, we’re reaping. Into the darkness, we’re reaping.

Zebra Katz, “Blk Wiccan” (2013)


Detail of 'Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal' by Zach Weiner, 28 March 2015.Science and love can be a dangerous mixture. That is to say, to the one we find great value in science, especially in this day when societal footing is delicate owing to the myriad potsherds cast about by pseudoscientists, anti-scientists, and their political organization―the GOP.

To the other, though, we’ve all known someone with an advanced degree who happens to be inept in human relations or some other everyday aspect of living in civilized society.

In this case, a chemist didn’t think it through. Because, you know, human beings are irrational, and science isn’t.

Just sayin’.


Weiner, Zach. “Carbon Bonding”. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. 28 March 2015.

A Spectral Shape Between Them

Detail of 'Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal' by Zach Weiner, 22 February 2015.


There are moments between people, and then there are moments between people.

And yet there are still other moments between people we would rather never imagine, except that we will imagine it, just not about anyone we know.

Why am I hearing a Robyn Hitchcock song in my head?

And why can’t it be a different song?


Weiner, Zach. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. 22 February 2015.