Pedantry in High Dudgeon

D City Rock: Detail of frame from "Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt", 'Help! We Are Angels', by TeddyLoin featuring Debra Zeer.

“In a press release Thursday, the committee accused the Pentagon of not being upfront about what it knew:”

Amanda Terkel

This is a pet peeve.

Look: “Upfront” is not a word.


A Rite of Spring

Detail of 'Mary Death' by Matt Tarpley, 17 April 2015.This is perhaps the most important part of the ritual.

No, really. Anything else I might say only diminishes this wonderful moment, brought to us courtesy the one and only Matt Tarpley.


Tarpley, Matt. “A Guide to Spring Cleaning”. Mary Death. 17 April 2015.

Innovation in the Twenty-First Century

Facebook vocabularyBecause, you know, nobody likes a pedant. But it is one of those things that catches my attention, like the inexplicable popularity of the word transition used as a verb. And so it goes. Facebook has taught me a new one: “decisions” is now a verb.