The Subcommittee (Lipstick and Laughs)


Something about famous last words might go here, but that still doesn’t sound right. Infamous openings? Let us check in with Emma Dumain of Roll Call:

House Republicans insist their new committee to investigate Planned Parenthood won’t be political.

And if it sounds like a setup, well―

But lawmakers and aides on both sides of the aisle are raising eyebrows at the optics of GOP leaders soliciting buy-in from outside groups as they make decisions about which members will sit on the special committee.

The original plan was to convene a subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee to investigate the women’s health organization and abortion provider, which is under fire after secret film footage seemed to implicate Planned Parenthood officials with illegally selling fetal tissues, a charge the group denied.

Under that initial framework, the select committee would have drawn from in-house resources, including mostly staff. And while membership on both sides of the aisle would still be subject to appointment by their respective party leaders, the pool would be restricted to those members already sitting on Energy and Commerce.

Outside advocates and leaders in the anti-abortion community urged Republican leaders to expand the committee to lawmakers outside Energy and Commerce to include more stalwarts of their movement. GOP leadership agreed and has also listened to outside advice on exactly whom to appoint.

―yeah, this is the House of Representatives, and, yes, Speaker Boehner is, technically, still as in charge as he ever was.


A Note on the Vote: FOX News and Woman Suffrage

Kimberly Guilfoyle of FOX News.

We’re not surprised:

Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle: Young Women Shouldn’t Exercise Civic Duties Because “They Don’t Get It.” During the October 21 edition of Fox News’ The Five, the co-hosts discussed the impact of women voters in the upcoming midterm elections. After co-host Greg Gutfeld suggested that young women lack the wisdom to vote as conservatives, Kimberly Guilfoyle suggested that they should be excused from jury duty, because they lack life experience and just “don’t get it.” Instead, she said, they should “go back on Tinder or” [Fox News, The Five, 10/21/14]

(Boguhn and Torres)

While Alexandrea Boguhn and Jessica Torres of Media Matters for America offer up a broader survey of the conservative movement against young women voting, Catherine Taibi of Huffington Post pulled a couple more quotes from the FOX News crew:

“The Five” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle said Tuesday that young women should excuse themselves from voting in the upcoming midterm elections because they don’t share the same “life experience” as older women and should just go back to playing around on Tinder and

“It’s the same reason why young women on juries are not a good idea,” Guilfoyle said. “They don’t get it!”

Earlier in the conversation, co-host Greg Gutfeld made the point that “with age comes wisdom” and the “older you get, the more conservative you get” ....

.... Guilfoyle agreed, suggesting that you can’t cast an informed vote until you’ve gone through adult things, like paying the bills.

“They’re [young women] like healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world,” she concluded. “They can go back on Tinder or”

So let us review the FOX News editorial outlook on women:

• Young women should not serve on juries.

• Young women should not vote.

• Women in general should be gratified by sexual harassment.

To the one, that sounds about right insofar as this is FOX News we’re talking about.

Then again, FOX News is the highest-rated cable “news” outfit. We might not wonder why, but there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the implications.


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