An Appeal to Facebook

After I criticized Facebook, they decided to poll me, asking which posts look like adverts or not. Including my own. Yes. Really. #GoodOneFacebook ….

Actually, you know what? Here’s a #SuggestionForFacebook: How about instead of a “like” button, you give us three or four options:

3-option: Appreciate/Notice/Disdain ; Like/Notice/Dislike

4-option: Appreciate/Notice/Disdain/Indifferent ; Like/Notice/Dislike/Don’t Care

Also, users need a button that says, “Stop polluting my feed with this garbage”.

FacbookThese options will help #MarketResearch, which of course, is the #ReasonFacebookExists. And it will also help users to know when they’re annoying the hell out of their friends.

The problem is simply that as long as the only option is “Like”, market research can easily construe public interest as public favor. To wit, when mourners are checking in with a grieving family after laying a three year-old neuroblastoma warrior to rest, it really does suck to have the only option be “Like”.

And you can ask the market researchers: Repetition of a form will build the habit.

You know, #JustThinkAboutIt? Please?