None of My Business

Detail of FLCL episode 3, 'Marquis de Carabas'.

Do what you’re gonna do: Roll your eyes, groan, gnash your teeth, bang your head on the desk, throw your hands and declare, “I could have guessed that!”

If you happen to be a woman interested in taking Addyi, the first FDA-approved drug intended to treat low libido in women, your doctor will first tell you this: You absolutely cannot drink — at all — as long as you’re taking the drug, because alcohol has been shown to exacerbate its side effects, including fainting, dizziness, and low blood pressure. When the drug hits the market in mid-October, it will come with a black box underlining the importance of abstaining from alcohol while taking the medication.

But here’s the thing. Nobody actually even knows what would happen if a woman taking Addyi were to cheat and have, say, a glass of wine with dinner — because the research on the effects of drinking while on the medication was done almost entirely on men. The alcohol-safety study included 23 men, and a grand total of two women.


Okay, so: The good news is that there is a reason this happens, and it is perfectly understandable. The bad news is that this doesn’t actually help anything, and thus doesn’t count as good news.


An Apology, Overdue

“I don’t know why God made me this way (and I’m so sorry). I don’t know how much more I can take (and I’m so sorry). You know, it’s always my mistake (and I’m so sorry), and I’ll be sorry when I see that you’re gone, gone away, like a god gone astray. Not a word will be spoken of how it broke me when I saw you broken.”


Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 25 February 2015.Look, it was this or the Nazi bikini joke.


I guess I could call it the Indiana Jones joke, but that doesn’t convey the right mental image, especially if we call it the Indiana Jones bikini girl joke.

Fuck it. Blame Adam.


Huber, Adam. “Sex Sells Substandard Stuff”. Bug Martini. 25 February 2015.