lack of compassion

Florida (Outlaw Mix)

Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale, where compassion is against the law.

Two stories from the annals of Florida justice. In the late nineties, a judge removed custody of a daughter from the mother because the mother was a lesbian; the judge feared the lesbians would sexually abuse the girl. So he put her in custody of her father, a convicted murderer also charged with sex crimes. And it was sometime in this century that a jury acquitted a rapist on the grounds that a woman wearing a bikini and short skirt in the Florida summer was asking to be raped.

Yes, really. Those are both real.


There is no sex crime in this one, yet it seems to fit with the theme of “America’s wang” to consider that two pastors and a ninety year-old volunteer face prison time for the crime of feeding the homeless.

Arnold Abbott faces prison time for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.A 90-year-old man is facing up to 60 days in jail for feeding the needy due to a new law that bans people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from meal-sharing with the public.

Arnold Abbott risks being fined $500 and spending time in prison after police officers apprehended him while he was handing out meals to homeless people in a park on Sunday.

He was arrested and charged along with two ministers from the Sanctuary Church, which prepares hundreds of meals to dish out every week in their kitchen, while onlookers shouted to officers “shame on you!”

Mr Abbott said: “One of police officers came over and said ‘Drop that plate right now,’ as if I was carrying a weapon.”


'Texas Secession', by Jeff Danziger, 15 November 2012Every once in a while, it occurs to us that if Texas ever follows through on its childish secession threats, we ought to sit down at the table and deal: Fine, you can go. But you have to take Florida with you.

Yeah. That would start a war.


A Quote: Good Ol’ Fashioned, Honest-to-God, Real Holy Sh*t

And TV preacher Pat Robertson heard from a viewer this week who asked why her ailing husband's condition hasn't improved despite intense prayer: "Robertson responded that the woman's husband probably isn't a faithful Christian and may actually want to be sick: 'There are some people, you know, they enjoy their sickness. That is terrible to say but that is their excuse not to compete, 'well I'd love to compete but my lumbago's got me so I can't do it.'"

Talk about a gem. That’s a real quote. Then again, of course it is. This is the Pat Robertson we’re talking about. Brian Tashman has the brief on Robertson and the faithless, as well as the mildly uncomfortable video. And Steve Benen has the weekly roundup of the goings-on at the intersection of God and State.

Now, if someone could only point us the way to the intersection of Pat Robertson and Reality. Or maybe not; there are some things and places in this world we just don’t need to see.

“There are some people, you know, they enjoy their sickness. That is terrible to say but that is their excuse not to compete, ‘well I’d love to compete but my lumbago’s got me so I can’t do it.'”

Of course, he’s Pat Robertson, so, yeah. He knows. Right? Right?