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Awesome: Republicans Afraid of Dan Savage

Let’s just kick it over to Ben Smith of Politico:

Dan SavageWith the Massachusetts Democratic Party attacking Senator Scott Brown for refusing to film a video for the “It Gets Better Project,” which offers moral support to gay teens, the National Republican Senatorial Committee came to Brown’s defense today with a shot at the project’s founder, Dan Savage.

Savage, who edits the Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, is best known as an often-raunchy syndicated sex columnist.

Emails NRSC communications director Brian Walsh:

    If, as the old saying goes, you’re known by the company you keep, than the voters of Massachusetts deserve to know who Democrat Party operatives are teaming up with to spread outrageous attacks on Scott Brown’s character.

    It’s truly reached a new level of desperation in their efforts to tear down Scott Brown, but we look forward to hearing whether state and national Democrat leaders agree with Dan Savage’s long history of lewd, violent and anti-Christian rhetoric. Given their press conference call today, one has to presume at this point that they do.

It might be that this is some sort of honor, in the end. Rachel Maddow, for instance, takes much delight in recounting for her viewers how often Republicans use her name as a scarecrow for fundraising.

Congratulations, then, to Dan Savage. All that knob licking is starting to pay off. Maybe he should demand a royalty.