Morbid Humor to Bug Your Conscience

Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 18 March 2015.It’s true, I have a rule that I should complain whenever a setup or punch line is so obviously answered; never presume your audience that stupid, and never oblige them to be pedantic. To the other, if the whole point is to get us laughing at infanticide, well, yeah, I can certainly cut out some wiggle room.

And, hey, since it’s really easy to hyperextend spoonerisms, at least I didn’t go with riggle womb, because that would be way too political.





Huber, Adam. “Loss Word Puzzle”. Bug Martini. 19 March 2015.

An Exploitative Question

Every once in a while circumstance presents what seems a necessary occasion to ask an obviously exploitative question:

Ramon Gustavo Castillo GaeteRamón Gustavo Castillo Gaete, who refers to himself as “Antares from the Light,” is on the run from police after four members of his group were arrested by Chilean authorities for the ritualistic murder of an infant girl.

So: Do we blame the individual, the cult, religion in general, or “Christianity”?

(The detail of Megan Carpentier’s report for Raw Story, BBC’s article, or other news source is genuinely soul-scarring; do brace yourself before setting out along that path.)