Another Reason Why Science Is Cool

Detail of Cellarius, 'Harmonica Macrocosmica', 1661.

This seems important.

The nuclear strong force binds the smallest bits of matter together to form atoms, thereby making our material world possible. Now physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have made the first-ever measurement of a similar strong force for antimatter — the mirror image of regular matter that lies at the heart of one of our biggest cosmological mysteries.


No, really. That’s pretty damn cool. If you don’t believe me, ask a physicist.


Image note: Detail of Harmonica Macrocosmica, by Cellarius, circa 1661.

Ouelette, Jennifer. “For the First Time, Physicists Have Measured the ‘Strong Force’ of Antimatter”. Gizmodo. 9 November 2015.

A Glimpse Into the 1920s

“One can’t help but imagine the nightmare scenario where an unfortunate passerby gets sprayed with buckshot when Little Johnny discovers the telegraph key his dumbass father installed in the nursery.”

Matt Novak

Detail of image from May, 1922 issue of 'Science and Invention' magazine.The obvious joke brings a chuckle, to be certain, but at the same time one cannot help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, putting the button within the reach of children is a later development. Or maybe it was something about the days in which a father could beat the hell out of his children if they were stupid … and not get shot in the process.

No, seriously. I am not a spanking parent, but it seems to me that the moment one puts a gun in a child’s hands, the thrashings are finished.


Novak, Matt. “Even Hunting Was Supposed To Become Automatic in the Future”. Paleofuture. 17 November 2014.

Amusing: Screwing With Fascists

You know, we always teach that two wrongs don’t make a right, but what if one of those wrongs is abstract?

If your T-shirt can do it, so can you.Neo-Nazis in Germany were given free T-shirts at a recent right-wing extremist rock concert. The black shirt, complete with skulls and bones, said “Hardcore Rebels: National and Free”. Too bad for them, there was a secret message hidden inside the shirt.

See, after the free shirt gets washed, it rids itself of that “hardcore” logo and displays a new message, one that tries to convince the Neo-Nazis to change. It says: “If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We’ll help free you from right-wing extremism.” It’s a ‘Trojan T-shirt’ of sorts, giving clueless skinheads free ‘hardcore’ T-shirts only to blindside them with contact information on how to leave Neo-Nazism. I like it.

I mean, yes, to the one that’s a really priggish thing to do to someone. To the other, though, these are neo-Nazis. So at what point is it acceptable to be a dick to an even bigger dick, and why does it always come back to cockfights?