Required Reading (Whipping Girl)

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“You don’t need to make us invisible to keep us safe. We need to be named and openly supported in women’s spaces.”

Luna Merbruja

The pretense of required reading is something of a joke; it’s not like you’re being graded.

But I really, really, really need you to please spend some time with Luna Merbruja’s explanation of “3 Common Feminist Phrases That (Unintentionally) Marginalize Trans Women”, posted to Everyday Feminism about a year ago.

But for trans women, who spend a lifetime having the authenticity of our very identity and existence questioned and rejected over and over and over again, these experiences are often life threatening and play a significant role in creating an unsafe world for us.

We are denied access to various women’s spaces, like nail and hair salons, political movements, support groups, and bathrooms. And all of these exclusions are based on a simple transmisogynist idea―that trans women aren’t women.


Thank you.


Merbruja, Luna. “3 Common Feminist Phrases That (Unintentionally) Marginalize Trans Women”. Everyday Feminism. 12 May 2015.