dangerous ‘journalism’

Dangerously Bad Journalism

Juan Scott appears at his arraignment Tuesday [21 October 2014] in Manhattan Criminal Court. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in the East Village over the weekend and has been charged in two more cases. (Photo: Jefferson Siegel/NYDN)

Okay, this is pretty straightforward. See if you can spot the functional problem with Shayna Jacobs’ report about an accused repeat sex assailant:

In a second case, Scott allegedly forced himself onto a former girlfriend, then sexually abused her in her home Sept. 21, according to the criminal complaint.

He then allegedly overwhelmed her with dozens of menacing text messages, demanding she withdraw a complaint about the ordeal. In one he said “he was going to kill himself if she did not drop the charges,” according to court papers.

Prosecutors said Scott also followed a woman into her E. 11th St. building, pulled up her dress and grabbed her about 11:45 p.m. on June 2.

“There is also surveillance video from that incident as well as positive identification from a lineup … There is a great deal of evidence against this defendant,” Tracy said.

It was not immediately clear how authorities connected Scott to the earlier incidents.