Columbia Missouri

Not the Sort of Thing That Helps Anyone

Huang reflects on a mission barely accomplished. (Darker Than Black, ep. 14)

This is called going out of their way to make things worse.

COLUMBIA, Mo. • A Facebook posting declaring Sunday “Darren Wilson Day” in this college town brought protesters to the police station on Monday and strong criticism from city leaders.


These actions do not really help anyone as the officers on the street and the departments sending them forth work to rebuild badly damaged relationships with their communities. Because Columbia might not be New York, or Cleveland, or Seattle, or Los Angeles, but in any of those places and everywhere in between, when people hear this sort of tale, well, right. It just doesn’t help.

And, yes, the Columbia Police Department knows this. Chief Ken Burton attended a protest against the CPOA stunt, telling local reporters, “I found the post offensive, and I thought I needed to stand with the community and say what the police department thinks about it”. And we can imagine this publicity stunt by the CPOA is the kind of headache exactly nobody needs. Not the cop on the street. Not the chief who has to send them out there. And certainly not the community they serve.


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