Christmas Tree

Your Feelgood Holiday Moment of the Moment

Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 16 December 2014.Why not kick off the holiday cartoons the Bug Martini way?

The cameos are worth it, although … er … damn it, you know, any other year a Leonard Part 6 joke would do just fine, here.

Never mind.



Huber, Adam. “Hum Bug”. Bug Martini. 16 December 2014.

Strange, to Say the Least

Cartoon by David Fitzsimmons, 3 December 2014, via Cagle Post.For some, editorial cartoons are a great source of entertainment. At their best, they inform us about societal attitudes. At their worst, well, they … inform us … about … societal … attitudes.


Then again, that can still be entertaining, whichever way those societal attitudes break. To wit, something about what is going on … um … somewhere … apparently moved David Fitsimmons of the Arizona Star to publish a bizarre cartoon in which dietary conscience and Christmas trees have somehow managed to collide.

And while it would be really easy to snort derisively and wonder what the hell fight Fitzsimmons is trying to pick with such a strange cartoon, does there not also exist a possiblity that he is referring to something real?

And if that is the case, well, seriously, what the hell is going on in Arizona or wherever? This sounds like one of those (ahem!) absolutely precious moments.


Fitzsimmons, David. “It’s a tree”. Cagle Post. 3 December 2014.