Just a Music Moment (The Microorganism)

Boiled in Lead, 'From the Ladle to the Grave' (Omnium Records, 1989).  Composite including detail of cover art.

In truth, I can’t believe it took me this long. You know, as if I really need an excuse for a plague song.

In April, when your barge sailed through, I fell in love with you; alas! my paramour, alack! a stranger to me ’til the test comes back. O! the microorganism! O! the microorganism! Dive in the gene pool, down you swim, down to where the light grows thin. Flail, little fishies, flail if you can, but avoid the microorganism man. O! the microorganism! O! the microorganism. Caffeine, sugar, and THC is all the doctors are gonna find in me when they do the autopsy, the microorganism won’t get me. O! the microorganism! O! the microorganism. God is good, and God is great; God’s a big invertebrate. God made the river change its route, but He won’t pull the microorganism out. O! the microorganism! O! the microorganism! The cowslips bloom, and the bluebells to; here’s advice I’ll give to you: Rattle your sword before you strike, and never kiss anyone you like. O! the microorganism! O! the microorganism!

Boiled in Lead, “The Microorganism” (1989)


The Lost Bug

Detail of 'Bug Martini' by Adam Huber, 12 August 2015.A couple decades ago, pop singer Madonna stirred passions by announcing that she wanted to adopt a child, and that child would be gay.

Yeah. Really. Approximately. I think.

Well, you know. That’s what I remember. And in those days right before the rise of the information superhighway? You’d think they were dark ages, a long-lost era. I’m not certain how many of my age peers’ memories reach back to the middle of the nineties, speak nothing of beyond. Then again, our only real verification that the eighties existed is bad music and this curious videologued gospel of The Lost Boys.

The Lord sayeth, “Sometimes she shines, and I know Beauty has her way”. Amen.

Oh, right. Hell’s bells, I’m not actually doing a Madonna song.

Wait a minute, she is empirical proof of the eighties.

Never mind. This is all just filler, anyway. Setup. Because you know Adam went and broke something, again.


Huber, Adam. “A Dip Off the Old Block”. Bug Martini. 10 August 2015.