A Moment in re a Moment

Sometimes it’s a quick rethinking:World Health Organization [WHO]

The World Health Organization rescinded Zimbabwe’s controversial longtime President Robert Mugabe’s status as a goodwill ambassador on Sunday.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued a statement announcing the removal of Mugabe’s goodwill ambassador status after he conferred with international health groups.

“Over the last few days, I have reflected on my appointment of H.E. President Robert Mugabe as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for NCDs in Africa,” Tedros said. “As a result I have decided to rescind the appointment.”


Sometimes the headscratchers of international diplomacy and geopolitical nicety actually do make sense if we attempt some perspective other than pretending to be the impossible average person on the street. An adversary with irresponsible history might well turn up for a rotation on a security panel, which would seem counterintuitive except for the straightforward object of keeping them playing within this ruleset.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, however, has earned a reputation over the years that it is precisely the antithesis of either goodwill or health. There is no strategic consideration or validation of narrative within a cooperative framework; he is a corrupt old man whose power depends on abuse and fear, and there is nothing healthy nor kind therein. There is a reason rethinking and reflection didn’t take so long.


Image note: Logo of the World Health Organization.

Uria, Daniel. “WHO rescinds Robert Mugabe’s goodwill ambassador status”. 22 October 2017.

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