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President Donald Trump, with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, after signing executive orders at the White House in Washington, D.C., 23 January 2017.  (Detail of photo by Getty Images)

“Putting aside the fact that Trump may not fully understand what ‘illegal immigrants’ means, it’s worth pausing to emphasize that Australia is one of our closest allies.”

Steve Benen

Via msnbc:

Turnbull insisted after the call that the agreement with the United States is still on – the prime minister was less eager to publicly discuss the nature of his conversation with Trump – though the U.S. president turned to Twitter last night to declare, “Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!”

Putting aside the fact that Trump may not fully understand what “illegal immigrants” means, it’s worth pausing to emphasize that Australia is one of our closest allies. NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell noted overnight that someone should tell the White House that Australia “has more troops fighting ISIS in Iraq than any other ally [and] has fought at our side since” World War II.

That’s not a rhetorical aside. Someone really should let Team Trump know about this, because there’s reason to believe they’re unaware of it.

In #DimensionTrump, it is easy enough to expect that these stories only go downhill.

And while, to a certain degree, this is #WhatTheyVotedFor―all sixty-two point nine-eight-five million of Donald Trump’s voters―it also reminds the fundamental question of the #trumpswindle.

Throw in the bit with threatening Mexico and putting Muslims in general, and Iran in particular, on notice for warfare, mayhem, and general destruction, and, yes, this is exactly what they voted for.

Which in turn ought to remind that there really isn’t a whole lot alt about the alt-Right; it’s just a brand.

Thus we should remember: This is not new. The only thing new about this Republican president is just how far he is willing to take it all. This is the agenda that hasn’t exactly been hiding just beneath the surface. It’s actually kind of stupid, what happened: A bunch of people who wanted things that conflicted with their expressed values demanded that it was impolite to compare their words to their actions and outcomes, and it turns out a whole lot of other people really liked that idea.

No, really, think about it. If one is a supremacist, and honestly believes their supremacism is correct, why are they offended if anyone calls them a supremacist? Or a warmonger? In the moment, both apply, and probably a few other words, as well, that Republican voters might object to.

Except this really is what they voted for. They either wanted it, or were just fine with it; the one thing Trump voters and supporters simply cannot claim is any manner of surprise other than, perhaps, an expectation that President Trump would have been at least a little bit better swindler than his overstated reputation and self-obsessed puffery would have us believe―and, you know, wait just a minute: Really? You want the rest of society to believe you actually believed the puffery? So, no, Trump voters don’t even get to pretend the surprise of just how bad Donald Trump is at playing his own game or walking his own talk.

Then again, the president’s astounding ignorance, gullibility, and incompetence have yet to stop him, so we can expect this to continue for a while.

Get used to it: This is WhatTheyVotedFor.


Image note: Detail of photo by Getty Images.

Benen, Steve. “How to lose friends and alienate people: Trump clashes with allies”. msnbc. 2 February 2017.

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