A Hazy Shade of Stupid

File under #No:

Druggie: An eyeshadow from Sephora, by Urban Decay, circa 2017.There are moments when it’s important to marshal as much evidence as possible to back up an argument. And then there are moments like this.

Sephora is selling a new shade of eyeshadow called “Druggie.”

(Grim and Kearns)

There are a few things that go here. Sephora’s non-apology is directed “to anyone who was offended by the name of this shade”, asking people to check in via Twitter direct message for more information. The Huffington Post called, and again Sephora apologized “to anyone who was offended by the name of this shade”, and reiterated that the company “would never seek to do that”. And just to make the point, the company added, “The shade was in a limited edition palette and was not planned to be re-ordered”.

And, you know, sure, there is something to be said about the fact that “Druggie” comes from a company called Urban Decay, but still.

Ryan Hampton, a recovery advocate for Facing Addiction told HuffPost that, while the apology is “a step in the right direction, Sephora clearly needs an education on substance use disorders. The recovery community is standing at the ready, and it’s our hope that their CEO not only pulls this product immediately but joins the national fight to face addiction.”

And we will remind: That was a non-apology.


Image note: It wouldn’t look any better in color; it’s shite.

Grim, Ryan and Landess Kearns. “Sephora Is Selling An Eyeshadow Named ‘Druggie’. Seriously.” The Huffington Post. 14 January 2017.

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