Day: 2016.10.08

A Note on Equivalence (Calling Bullshit Mix)

I just sent this message to a friend:

I’ll see if a link turns up later ….

Our local news just did a bit on Donald Trump’s mouth, and the latest revelations from the Howard Stern corner of the Universe.

So at the end, they tacked on a Frankenstein’s monster equivalence about Hillary Clinton, email, and a paid speech about how far her life had come from her middle class upbringing.

Never mind. It’s a lot of effort to blog right now, and this was so goddamn blatant … I really need to think about this. I mean, fuck.

And, yeah, it’s 23:08. That story led the local news.

Yeah. Right. I’ll work on finding a link for that. KOMO 4. 8 October. Eleven o’clock news.