Day: 2015.09.19

A Paragraph Very Nearly As Awesome As the Music It Describes

Detail of frame from music video for 'In a Future World' by Telekinesis.

“An objectively killer year for Seattle music became objectively even killerer today with the release of two fantastic albums by two fantastic bands that are both actually just one person (apiece). Telekinesis (a.k.a. Michael Lerner) has delivered Ad Infinitum, his/their fourth album, and a major departure from the first three. Not quite a Sex Pistols —> PiL departure, but more like if Cheap Trick had followed up In Color with Junk Culture by OMD.”

Sean Nelson

And on that note, hell, just go check it out.


Nelson, Sean. “New Albums from Telekinesis, Say Hi, and Literally Hundreds of Other Artists Out Today”. Slog. 18 September 2015.