A Glimpse of Dystopia

Look, it’s not so much that Andy Ostroy is somehow wrong―

Imagine you’re approaching the counter at Walmart. The cashier looks in your wagon and politely informs you that as a Catholic she can’t ring up your condoms. Another cashier, a Christian Scientist, says he’s refusing to ring up your aspirin. An Orthodox Jew tells you she can’t ring up your bacon. A Muslim says he won’t touch the bikini you have in your wagon. And then there’s other Kim Davis wannabes who, as strict bible-interpreting devout Christians, won’t serve you because you’re gay, or have been divorced.

―because he’s not. But it is also true that we might wonder who he’s telling. That is, it’s hardly original; indeed, we might suggest that those of us who don’t disagree already know, and those who might wish to assert their equal right to supremacy under law have heard and don’t give damn.

I remember a time when restaurants had little stickers in the window to tell you what benefits they accepted or offered; MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club, AAA, AARP, and so on. Imagine walking through the door and letting your eye pass over ranks of small stickers, except instead of telling you what payment is accepted, they tell you whether you’re allowed in the restaurant. You know, no Muslims, gays, single women, mathematicians, &c. Eventually, we could smarten up that system with technology, and then every Christian who crosses a forbidden threshold will automatically e-file a complaint in federal court, and every infidel who offends a Christian threshold gets an electric shock.

Now that, Mr. Ostroy, would be original.

And unto the glory of Christ, at that.



Ostroy, Andy. “Where Do We Draw the Line With ‘Religious Freedom’ in the Workplace?”. The Huffington Post. 12 September 2015.

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