South Dakota Family Values (Roger Not Mike Mix)

South Dakota state Rep. Roger Hunt (R-25), in 2008.  Detail of photo by Joe Kafka/Associated Press.

So, do we go with the joke about how creepy the family values crowd can get, or the one about intrusive government?

A strikingly backward proposal could force high school athletes in South Dakota―particularly those who are transgender―to submit to a visual inspection of their genitals before they participate in a sport.

State Rep. Roger Hunt (R) plans to introduce a measure that would effectively deny trans high school students the right to determine their own gender identity, according to an Aug. 23 report from the Rapid City Journal. Instead, for schools’ purposes, a student’s gender would be determined by whatever it said on their birth certificate, and by the results of a “visual inspection,” the RCJ reports.

“This is South Dakota. We haven’t adopted the East Coast culture. We haven’t adopted the West Coast culture. We maintain our own culture,” Hunt reportedly said. He also asserted his belief that gender is determined at conception.

It’s not clear whether Hunt’s measure would apply only to public high schools in the state, or to grade schools, middle schools and/or public colleges as well. Hunt did not respond to The Huffington Post’s request for comment.



Image note: South Dakota state Rep. Roger Hunt(R-25), in 2008. Detail of photo by Joe Kafka/Associated Press.

Visser, Nick. “South Dakota Legislator Proposes Genital Inspection For Transgender Athletes”. The Huffington Post. 31 August 2015.

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