The Donald Trump Show (The Brim Horizon)

Donald Trump announces his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination in New York City, New York, 16 June 2015. (Photo: Justin Lane/European Pressphoto Agency)

Steve Benen raises an interesting question:

… if Trump can rocket to the front of the Republican pack without the backing of a real national campaign, what happens when the GOP candidate starts trying?

We’re about to find out. Iowa’s Sam Clovis, a prominent Republican activist and media figure in Iowa, had served for months as the state chairman of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign, until this week, when Clovis gave up on the former Texas governor and joined Team Trump.

The problem with the Donald Trump Show is that it really does know how to get attention.

To wit:

Mr. Benen also manages to work in a Nickelback joke while pointing to the nature of Mr. Trump’s public following, but he is reflecting on Sam Frizell’s story for Time about how a focus group of Trump supporters left veteran Republican pollster Frank Luntz trembling. If we really must put ourselves through the Trump mill, this one is certainly worth reading.

• Speaking of Trump fans, though, did you hear the one about how Donald Trump supporter told a Hispanic reporter to “Get out of my country”? Except the reporter is a U.S. citizen? It’s actually kind of entertaining, well, if you’re into grim irony; Amanda Terkel tries to explain that episode for Huffington Post.

• Since the GOP frontrunner has such a beef with hispanics, and pretends it’s all about undocumented immigration, it’s worth noting that Antonio Olivo of the Washington Post took a look last month at Donald Trump’s relationship with illegal immigration …

• … and Michael Daly invited Daily Beast readers from there to a longrunning civil suit giving a glimpse into the tale of the “Polish Brigade”.

Emily Stephenson and Emily Flitter of Reuters explore the interesting question of “Why aren’t conservatives excited?” about Donald Trump’s juggernaut candidacy.

Esmé E. Deprez of Bloomberg reported late last week on an interesting dynamic, that Trump is “forcing candidates’ hands” on immigration; it’s a question worth asking about other issues, too.

Jim Salter of Associated Press picks up on mayors in several cities, including Ferguson, Missouri, taking issue with Mr. Trump’s manner of linking illegal immigration to gangs and gang violence.

This is … you know … not a required reading list. Have mercy on yourself.


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