Some Words About Something I Know Nothing About

Detail of frame from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, episode 8, '… Of the Dead'.

This is one of those I should simply steer clear of.

Critics, on the other hand, point out the teensy problem that the pharmaceutical company’s own drug trials have shown that Addyi (the brand name for flibanserin) doesn’t actually work all that well. The drug, which will likely be available to consumers in mid-October, is a daily medication, and has been associated with some decidedly unsexy side effects, such as dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, insomnia, and dry mouth. Alcohol exacerbates the side effects, so women taking Addyi are told to abstain from drinking as long as they’re taking it. And the payoff is modest at best: In clinical trials involving about 2,400 healthy, pre-menopausal women (their average age was 36), the women taking flibanserin reported up to one more “satisfying sexual event” per month on average, compared with the women who took a placebo.


After all, if ever there is a time to hide behind being … oh, right. Anyway, yeah, it’s after a paragraph like that, something, something, mumble, murmur, I’ll just shut up now.

Still, though, I’m too stupid to know when to quit, so my insensitive two cents is to simply say―

Say what?“You mean you wouldn’t risk passing out or dizziness for the possibility of one more satisfying sex per month??” Lori Brotto, a sex researcher at the University of British Columbia and a leading expert on female sexual-arousal disorder, snarked on Twitter ....

―you never know. This is really, really important to some people. You know how many men who don’t need sildenafil or other such drugs, but still take them, anyway? Anything, you know, to make it … er … ah .. right. Never mind.



Okay, this time, I’ll shut up, now.


Dahl, Melissa. “The Female Libido Pill Is Here, But There Isn’t Much Evidence It Does Anything”. Science of Us. 19 August 2015.

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