Day: 2015.05.25


Serrano, Piss Christ (detail)“The reality is that there are few if any places in the world where it is better to be Christian than the U.S., so pretending that being forced to abide by the constitution is somehow a “war” comes off a lot like the spoiled rich kid whose parents won’t upgrade the radio on the new BMW I8 they are buying for his birthday. It just makes you look uninformed, selfish and silly.”

Dale Hansen

Is there really anything we need to add, or is this pretty straightforward?


Hansen, Dale. “Christian Persecution Is a Problem, Just Not in the U.S.” The Huffington Post. 19 May 2015.

Your Morning Metal (Tea)

King Diamond

Or, you know, your morning coffee. Or wait until later this afternoon. Or … or .... Look, I got nothin’. My bad jokes aren’t even good this morning. But something about the guitars goes here.

On the following Friday as I turned out the light, Grandma came and knocked at my door. “Wake up King, wake up my dear. I am gonna show you about the House of Amon.” Oh, it is time for tea; it is time again. “Even your mother is present; we made her sleep in my rocking chair.” At first I felt really scared, but there was no reason to, as I saw the knife sneaking out from Grandmother’s dress. Then it cut a tiny wound in my mother’s little hand. Oh, it is time for tea; it is time again. Blood was running into the teapot, then I heard Them laugh. “A bit of this in a cup of tea is what it takes to set Them free. You will hear Them telling stories from far beyond this Earth.” What I saw and what I heard made me want to stay and learn. I really hope this dream will never end. It’s hard to describe the kind of feeling that went on in my mind―a Paradise. Hearing Their stories and feeling Their warmth, we laughed with tears in our eyes. From the first cup of tea to the last drop of blood, nothing seemed to matter at all anymore. My mother? She didn’t exist, to me. Oh, I felt so heavenly. Oh, it is time for tea; it is time again.

King Diamond

Properly Crazy

Joe Morrissey (right) and former receptionist Myrna Pride pose in antebellum dress to celebrate and announce the birth of a son; Mr. Morrissey, a former Virginia state representative, previously denied any sexual involvement with Ms. Pride, and even pled to reduced charges after being accused of molesting her as a minor.  Uncredited photo circa May, 2015, via Joe St. George, Twitter, 14 May 2015.

This is one of those things for which I have exactly nothing:

Let’s dissect this, shall we?

To the right stands former Virginia delegate Joe Morrissey, 57, a Democrat running for a Virginia state Senate seat as an Independent after Democratic Party officials rejected his attempt to seek office. Joining Morrissey are his 19-year-old receptionist, Myrna Pride, and their 9-week-old son Chase, a child Morrissey publicly acknowledged as his son for the first time Wednesday.

The image shows Morrissey, who is white, and Pride, who is black, in what some reporters have described as “period” dress — without mention of the fact that said period would appear to be the antebellum South or that said photo was taken in Virginia Beach, a city that sits about two hours from Richmond, the onetime capital of the Confederacy.


Would you believe me if I told you things only go downhill from there? As Janell Ross explained for the Washington Post: (more…)