Your Morning Metal (Daylight Dreamers)

Detail of cover art for 'No Exit' by Fates Warning (Metal Blade, 1988)

There is always hope.

Daylight dreamers awaken on deserts of desperation. Lonely lives learn to live on islands of isolation. Surrounded by violent oceans of hate and hopeless sorrows, daylight dreamers envision tranquil seas in safe tomorrows. Dreaming through the darkened day, along tempest-torn strands, desperately grasping the grains fo hope that flit through our hands. As they fall we tighten our hold while the waves claim the final few. Taken without ceremony, they drift out of view. Washed away with the tieds of time; slipped through our fingers as dreams do.

Fates Warning, “The Ivory Gate of Dreams ― III. Daylight Dreamers” (1988)

Part of a twenty-two minute suite on No Exit, the 1988 Metal Blade release from Fates Warning, “Daylight Dreamers” is just one of those tracks that echoes in memory. The phrase itself is something of a hook, welling up from time to time when circumstance demands.

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