Contemplation of Justice

“Inevitably, a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage will usher in an unprecedented coarsening of community moral standards, spawning an aggressive impulse to force the American people not just to tolerate all forms of sexual misbehavior, but to embrace and encourage pagan practices that threaten to ‘defile’ the land, and risk God’s judgment.”

William J. Olson

This is what it comes to.

This is what Christian supremacists are bringing to the fight.

Yes, you’re allowed to have one of those, “Holy shit!” moments.

Really, just think about it. As Matt Baume noted this week, the arguments we hear from the states aren’t exactly … convincing? … useful? … coherent?

Kentucky: Heterosexuals aren’t allowed to enter gay marriages either, therefore the ban against gay marriages doesn’t discriminate.

Michigan: Ruling in favor of gay marriage would denigrate homosexuals.

Ohio: Ruling in favor of gay marriage would make homophobes feel badly.

Tennessee: If homosexuals can marry, heterosexuals will stop raising children in stable families.

This is what it comes to. This is what they’re bringing.

Disgraceful? Pitiful? Are such adjectives really our concern? This ignorance and dishonor is their own choice. The question of why they would stoop to announce themselves far and wide as such fools is certainly fascinating, but in this question of discrimination and equality, it is also exactly and entirely beside the point.

This is what they have to offer.

And beyond simple awe at the magnitude of stupidity, it is also fair should you decide to take some comfort in the fact that this is what they are reduced to.


Olson, William J., et al. “Brief Amicus Curiae of Public Advocate of the U.S., Joyce Meyer Ministries, U.S. Justice Foundation, The Lincoln Institute, Abraham Lincoln Foundation, Institute on the Constitution, Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Pastor Chuck Baldwin in Support of the Respondents”. DeBoer v. Snyder. Supreme Court of the United States. 3 April 2015.

Baume, Matt. “The Four Worst Arguments Against Gay Marriage Ever”. The Huffington Post. 7 April 2015.

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