Texas (Snoop Snoop a-Doop Mix)

This man needs counseling!  The Texas Department of Public Safety required Trooper Billy Spears (left) to seek counseling before returning to work after this photograph, taken by Snoop Dogg's publicist, emeerged on social media. (via Dallas Morning News)

Ah, Texas―

Department of Public Safety Trooper Billy Spears got reprimanded by superiors for allowing rapper Snoop Dogg to take a picture with him during the South by Southwest music festival in Austin.

Attorney Ty Clevenger is representing Spears and said he is calling public attention to the incident because his client has no recourse other than to accept the action, which becomes part of his personnel record.

Clevenger said the Gilmer-based trooper was called to Austin two weeks ago to help work during the music festival. Spears was in uniform with the distinctive Stetson in a secured area when the rap star and actor stopped and asked if he could get a quick photo with the trooper.

Clevenger said Snoop Dogg’s publicist took the picture.

Snoop Dogg posted the picture on Instagram, along with the line, “Me n my deputy dogg”.

DPS officials saw the posting and cited Spears for deficiencies that require counseling for posing with a known criminal.


―what would we do without you? You know, I mean, aside from moving on with one less awful circumstance plaguing our society?


Hoppe, Christy. “DPS trooper required to get counseling for posing with Snoop Dogg”. The Dallas Morning News. 1 April 2015.



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