Required Reading

Artwork by Nick Scott for, February 2015.

“I hadn’t really cried for him with anyone—I’d cried alone, obviously, but this was the first time I’d broken down in front of a friend. ‘Fuck,’ I said. ‘My boyfriend raped me.'”


It is a depressing read. It is also required reading.

Well, you know, inasmuch as required reading can exist under these circumstances.

Still, though, read.

I would plead with anyone who’s been sexually assaulted in similar circumstances to tell someone you trust, and don’t ever, ever pretend that it’s not a big deal. Context is irrelevant if you’ve said “no.” These things might happen in the dark, but they should never be kept that way.


Image note: Detail of artwork by Nick Scott for, February, 2015.

Anonymous. “Rape Happens in Gay Relationships Too”. Vice. 23 February 2015.

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