Last Month’s List o’Links

Transgender pride

Notes from the Culture Wars:

Kevin Thornton, or, queer alt country on being gay and forty in the twenty-first century. (HuffPo)

Paige Lavender on Texas and the transgendered. (HuffPo)

Tresa Baldas tries to explain the unfortunate intersection of compassion, hatred, and your doctor. (Detroit Free Press)

Sam Levine, and this time it’s Kentucky and the transgendered. (HuffPo)

Cavan Sieczkowski on Freud on homosexuality. (HuffPo)

• Two reports, from Tammy Mutasa and Casey Weldon on a die-in demonstration at Fountain Square, Cincinnati, calling attention to violence against transgendered. (WLWT, WCPO)

• Education? State? Justice? Jennifer Bendery reports that the transgendered also have the Department of Defense on their side. (HuffPo)

• At this point, Michael Tomasky’s piece tying social conservative politics to the precipitous decline spectacular crash of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential ambitions to … Jerry Falwell. (The Daily Beast)

Random Notes:

Cartoon by Robert Ariail, 23 February 2015.Ezra Klein explaiuns the myth of the political moderate. (Vox)

Robert Ariail reflects on Jeb Bush’s presidential ponderings. (

Jeremy Diamond brings us the stunning news that we already suspected, that officers in our armed forces lie. (CNN)

Jennifer Rubin still thinks she’s useful, and Rick Perry still thinks he’s running for president. (WaPo)

Jonathan Chait attempting to explain Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore is actually quite the entertaining, and enlightening, examination of the argument against Obamacare. (New York)

Mike Wall took some time to explain why the phrase “pale blue dot” is so cool, and why you might have heard the phrase recently. (

Mike Nipper, on the other hand, took a moment to celebrate something having to do with the number one hundred thirty-seven. (Slog)

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