A Reason for the Raising of the Wrist

We should probably take a moment to raise a glass to the one and only Steve Benen, oft-quoted at This Is, and celebrating twelve years as a professional blogger today. (It’s still today on the west coast, Steve.)

There’s a phrase we didn’t know would work out, back then: professional blogger.

"And on a personal note, I started blogging exactly 12 years ago today, making me an old-timer in this medium. No matter how long you’ve been reading, thanks for all the support and encouragement." (Steve Benen, msnbc, 23 February 2015)

Five questions Steve will never have to answer:

• In your view, how has the phrase “professional blogger” evolved over the last twelve years?

• Would you estimate that a constant, cyclical GOP clown derby will eventually destroy the Party or drag the marketplace further down a proverbial rabbit hole in order to maintain a proper American dualism and keep centrism alive?

• What otherwise hilarious story do you most regret covering insofar as yes, this really happened?

• How do you see your own work having a tangible effect on the discourse outside the first, most apparent valences of colleagues with whom you share sympathies?

• As the cycle of market demand and reward persists along a perceptible downward arc, what do you think will be required to compel at least one of the parties to blink and try to fundamentally reset the electoral discourse so that the gotcha questions and other such necessary distractions aren’t quite so necessary? (e.g. ― There is a reason Gov. Walker was asked about evolution; there is a reason he was asked about Obama’s faith; without the obvious elements the discourse so frequently raising certain issues the press would have no reason to ask; who will lead the way and risk that ineffable peril of politics otherwise known as “simply answering the damn question”?)

Rachel Maddow and Steve Benen, September, 2008.Congratulations, Steve. Good show. Stick around for another twelve, please. Or is that kind of like wishing interesting times, or some other backhanded something or other? You know, like, “Here’s hopin’ you’re stuck working for Rachel for the next freakin’ decade!” I mean, sure, I could easily imagine worse fates, but come on, isn’t there a romantic comedy just waiting to burst out, or maybe a dry and detailed examination of Every Lie Mitt Romney Ever Told In Public?

You know what I mean.

I hope.


Benen, Steve. “Monday’s Mini-Report, 2.23.15”. msnbc. 23 February 2015.

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