What It Looks Like When WordPress Kills the Joke and Sucks All the Humor Out of the Moment Because They’re a Bunch of Morons Who Want to Pitch Their Product to Writers by Showing How Nice It Is for Administrators Who Want to Data-Mine Readers for Demographics

Detail of 'Mary Death', by Matt Tarpley, 3 February 2015.You know, I forget what the damn joke was to go with this one. I’ve had to try to repost this so many damn times because suddenly WordPress doesn’t like to put pictures in posts, or something, or maybe it’s just my goddamn browser, which has been freaking out about Flash of late to the point that Unicode can make it collapse if it’s open to a page with that ridiculous excuse for software that reminds us why the French used to have a justice system to send people to prison for cooking food badly. At any rate, here’s a fuckin’ picture of a sad robot. Whatever. It’s Matt Tarpley’s, of course.

But, you know, it’s like having to do a scene five times not because you’re botching the line, but the first time the lighting is wrong, the second time the sound is wrong, the third time you realize they never took the lens cover off, the fourth time it becomes apparent the microphones aren’t plugged in, the fifth time the CCD is busted … yeah, baby, yeah, keep that mood goin’!

And what is probably most disturbing about it all is that all this could be avoided if websites like WordPress stopped bloating their software with that fucking disease called Flash.

No, seriously, when did the business model become, “Let’s screw our product into the ground and see how long people keep trying”?

Hint: They’ll put up with it as long as it’s free. But when it comes time to actually go out and spend money building an enterprise, the smart money will be spent on something a little less glamorous, but that actually works.


Tarpley, Matt. Mary Death. 3 February 2015.


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