Day: 2014.12.11

Unsolicited Advice on Preaching to the Choir

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — MARCH 16: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) speaks at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) March 16, 2013, in National Harbor, Maryland.  The American Conservative Union held its annual conference in the suburb of Washington, DC to rally conservatives and generate ideas.  (Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

“If the Commandments are supposed to be the foundation for our laws, it would appear our lawmakers lost their copy of the Commandments when creating our legal system.”

Steve Benen

You know, I sympathize. I really do. This really is an annoying habit, since most of the people who insist that the U.S. is based on the Ten Commandments, or founded as a Christian nation, are usually doing so in advocacy of some sort of supremacism because they want the government to punish other people that they don’t like. And we hear it all the time. And it’s always stale, and it’s always wrong.

But come on. This is Michele Bachmann we’re talking about.

Let her say these dumb things on the Congressional record. Let her say them to her heart’s content. In fact, the more stupid things she says, the better.

Because then the next time you hear someone making that point, you can ask them why they want to sound as ignorant as Michele Bachmann.

And, you know, if they want to insist that she’s some sort of genius, fine. Pick your battles. At least now, with someone sitting across the table, you have a reason to waste your time explaining that the problem with Michele Bachmann is that nobody can figure out what the hell her unholy freakin’ problem actually is.

Seriously, let her say all the idiotic things she wants to get off her chest before she leaves Congress. It’ll be a great archive, and then she will go back to her moonbatted belfry and leave the rest of us alone. Or maybe join FOX News, like so many of her Republican colleagues. Or maybe Lady Lightbulb will follow the Gingrich arc, and spend the rest of her life trying to swindle her supporters.

But you’ll always have that to pull out when circumstance demands: “What? I didn’t know you were on the Bachmann bandwagon!”


Benen, Steve. “Bachmann connects Ten Commandments, U.S. prosperity”. msnbc. 11 December 2014.

Good Advice

Detail of 'xkcd #1459' by Randall Munroe.Most of us learn the hard way. Take it easy on yourself and heed the advice.

Oh, and, you know, one of these days, you’re going to need something out of your own damn Documents folder, so stop doing this to yourself, too.


Munroe, Randall. “Documents”. xkcd #1459. 11 December 2014.

An Appeal to Facebook

After I criticized Facebook, they decided to poll me, asking which posts look like adverts or not. Including my own. Yes. Really. #GoodOneFacebook ….

Actually, you know what? Here’s a #SuggestionForFacebook: How about instead of a “like” button, you give us three or four options:

3-option: Appreciate/Notice/Disdain ; Like/Notice/Dislike

4-option: Appreciate/Notice/Disdain/Indifferent ; Like/Notice/Dislike/Don’t Care

Also, users need a button that says, “Stop polluting my feed with this garbage”.

FacbookThese options will help #MarketResearch, which of course, is the #ReasonFacebookExists. And it will also help users to know when they’re annoying the hell out of their friends.

The problem is simply that as long as the only option is “Like”, market research can easily construe public interest as public favor. To wit, when mourners are checking in with a grieving family after laying a three year-old neuroblastoma warrior to rest, it really does suck to have the only option be “Like”.

And you can ask the market researchers: Repetition of a form will build the habit.

You know, #JustThinkAboutIt? Please?

A Typographical Error

Seahawks-2014-logoYou know, typos are what they are. We’ve all had a few, and occasionally they’re embarrassing. Ask Paarfi to offer his sentiments on two words.

Never mind.

At any rate, let us play a game. Can you spot the typo?

Following the Seahawks 24-14 win over the Eagles Sunday, Sherman sent his jersey to Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, reports.

But rather than trash talk or an in-your-face attitude, Sherman sent the jersey and signature as a congratulatory sign of respect to McCoy, who broke the Eagles’ all-time single-season rushing record last year.

McCoy ran for 1,607 yards on 3013 carries in 2013, passing a record posted in 1979 by Eagles running back Wilbert Montgomery

The message on the back of the Sherman’s jersey read, “To Shady: Bro, congrats on the record! you have earned everything you have gotten. Have respect for you and your game.”

The thing is that it always takes that moment of silence between pulses in your chest before it clicks: Oh, just a typo. And every once in a while, the holy shit! moment is just astounding.

The article is credited to Q13 FOX News Staff, but that sort of only makes things worse. Just how many people either weren’t paying attention or have no idea how this sport works?

‘Tis true that we at This Is loathe local television news, but, frankly, this is a chuckle proving, on this occasion, that it was worth taking the Facebook clickbait.


Q13 FOX News Staff. “Congrats, Bro! Richard Sherman sends surprising message to Eagles’ McCoy”. 10 December 2014.