How To Blame Women for Anything

Left: A protester throws a smoke bomb back at police in Ferguson, Missouri, August 2014 (photo: Reuters).  Right: Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC, 8 March 2014 (photo: Susan Walsh/AP).

Every once in a while, the question of conservatives and racism arises, and in most cases such inquiries are at least a little sickening. For instance, former RNC chairman Michael Steele is a lot more tolerable as an individual on the television screen now that he’s been booted from the gig and no longer has to pander to other black people by wearing his hat sideways and explaining that this is just how conservatives roll. Still, though, there is almost always reason to wonder. For years, conservatives kept Alan Keyes around, and there really are no polite analogues from literature or history; it is as if his role was to say things that made white supremacists feel better about themselves.

The latest right-wing champion of color is Dr. Ben Carson, who recently explained to American Family Radio, a broadcast arm of the premiere hate organization American Family Association, that racism in these United States is to be blamed squarely on women:

“Certainly in a lot of our inner cities, in particular the black inner cities, where 73 percent of the young people are born out of wedlock, the majority of them have no father figure in their life. Usually the father figure is where you learn how to respond to authority. So now you become a teenager, you’re out there, you really have no idea how to respond to authority, you eventually run into the police or you run into somebody else in the neighborhood who also doesn’t know how to respond but is badder than you are, and you get killed or you end up in the penal system,” Carson said.

“If the so-called leaders were really interested in the community, they would be trying to deal with that problem, because that’s happening every single day,” he added.

When host Lauren Kitchen Stewards broke in to tie his remarks to young people’s “sense of entitlement,” Carson traced it all back to the women’s liberation movement.

“I think a lot of it really got started in the ’60s with the ‘me generation.’ ‘What’s in it for me?’ I hate to say it, but a lot of it had to do with the women’s lib movement. You know, ‘I’ve been taking care of my family, I’ve been doing that, what about me?’ You know, it really should be about us,” he said.


This is a point that cannot be understated: Black people are not going to vote for a black politician simply because that politician is black.

One would think it obvious, but the steady stream of Obamanoia from the right wing is enough to make a prima facie argument that Republicans do need reminding from time to time.

Nor is this just about racism. Steve Benen recounts the Carson crazy:

Remember, as ridiculous as Carson may sound, connecting ‘the women’s lib movement’ to gun violence is just the tip of a deeply misguided iceberg.

For those who’ve forgotten Carson’s rise to Tea Party notoriety, let’s not forget that Carson last year equated homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality. He soon after started comparing the Affordable Care Act to slavery, before comparing Americans to Nazis.

More recently, Carson characterized the debate over marijuana legalization as a distraction from Benghazi.

Specifically on developments in Ferguson, Carson has said political correctness contributed to Michael Brown’s death, and those who protested the shooting reminded him of Hamas.

Dr. Carson should be cautious about the Hamas comparison. Some compared the Ferguson protests to the seige of Palestine, and instead of being offended, Palestinians tweeted back with good-faith advice for surviving abusive authorities.

A note to Republicans: ‘Tis a far cry, indeed, from electing Joni Ernst to the U.S. Senate to a Ben Carson presidency.

Observing Carson’s record, it would appear that his presidential ambitions are invested in two racist beliefs, that black people will vote for him because he is black, and that white conservatives will vote for him because he says what they want to hear. If he actually hopes to win office, he might wish to re-examine these aspects of his political strategy. To the other, if all he wants is to make some money at the expense of his American neighbors’ quality of life, well, he’s found the right organization.


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